Amdor Doors

  • Luma-Bar

    Every AMDOR® is available with a snap in Luma Bar™ Integral lighting system.

  • Improved Sealing

    AMDOR® striker support the stainless steel lift-bar from below to provide improved sealing and eliminate false door ajar signals

  • Rapid Slat Replacement

    Removable snap-lock end shoes allow for rapid slat replacement.

  • Smooth Interior

    Smooth interior wall provides maximum protection against equipment hang-ups.

  • Ball and Socket Design

    Driven ball and socket design acts as a structural hinge making the AMDOR® curtain the strongest on the market

  • Easy Access

    Bottom flange cut-outs allow for easier access with gloved hands.

AMDOR® was founded on the concept of manufacturing a better roll-up door, one that provides value-added features for vehicle manufacturers and end-users alike. That concept is backed by a company-wide commitment to provide the highestproduct quality and exceptional customer service.Working closely with our customers we have provided solutions to a wide variety of challenges. These solutions have helped our customers to reduce their manufacturing costs and increase production efficiency.

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