• High Volume Pumps

    This is a high quality design diesel powered pump. The pump gives over 380 gpm and goes up to 100psi. Engine and pump are mounted on a protective frame made of steel with shock absorber and folding handles.

  • Mid-Range Pumps

    The Mid-Range version gives you more pressure to meet the requirements of an initial attack.

  • High Pressure Pumps

    The Goliath model is a compact pump that delivers amazing pressure performance so as to meet the needs of several applications.

  • De-Watering Pumps

    The 300 De-Watering is a compact design pump that gives you a range of applications.

C.E.T Fire Pumps Mfg specialization in design, engineering and production of portable fire pumps foam systems, and trucks allows the entire product to be serviced and warrantied by CET. From plastic water tanks to replacement impellers for pumps, CET owns the production and the after sales service. No middleman to deal with. No divided responsibility for component purchases and warranty. We pride ourselves on the personalized customer service that allows us to offer unmatched value in the portable fire pump, foam, and vehicle market.

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