Command Light

  • Shadow - Quartz Halogen

    The Shadow and Shadow-RT are the newest additions to the Command Light family. Designed to provide light quickly over any situation, and made to fit a variety of vehicles that would benefit from quick quality lighting such as fire engines, chief's vehicles, tow trucks, border patrol vehicles and police vans. Both Shadows have been designed to be highly adaptable, with the ability to customize the arm length and the number and wattage of the lamp heads.

  • Command Light - Quartz Halogen

    The Command Light is the solution to the tactical problems darkness imposes. With Command Light, you light the emergency scene where and when you need the light...quick, fast and bright with surgical precision. The six position light combination has been engineered to produce a powerful beam of light that can light an area the size of a football field.

  • Camera Z-Lift

    With this new product, fire departments have the ability to put a camera on the top of their new or existing apparatus. When lives are at stake and time is of the essence the Command Light Z-Lift elevates itself 43 inches above the roofline of the apparatus in under 12 seconds! With fire apparatus getting more and more cluttered every year Command Light is again leading the industry in creating this camera lift taking up only 8 square feet of roof space. At less than 6 inches tall you don't have to worry about stray tree branches.

  • Traffic Flow Board

    The Command Light Traffic Flow Board (TFB) can significantly improve your on-scene visibility with the commanding presence of a large arrow board. Ruggedly constructed of aluminum and stainless steel alloys the TFB is an investment in safety that will provide many years of service. Engineered to fold down for a low profile (16" high) while responding to the incident, the versatile mounting system provides the freedom to select various types of boards and controllers that conform to your department requirements. The 0-45 degree rotation, left and right, feature allows the traffic direction patterns to be positioned for maximum effectiveness when using your vehicle in various blocking modes.

All Command Light products are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum alloy to reduce weight while adding strength. They are engineered to be easily mounted on the roofs of vehicles or anywhere on a vehicle that has the space and strength. Our lights extend up to 10.5 feet above their mounted surface and are operated from the ground using an umbilical remote control and require only electricity to perform all functions. All of these features have made Command Light products eagerly received by the emergency and utility services market. Command Light products are the innovative solutions to the tactical problems that darkness imposes on emergency and utility personnel.

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