• SPECTRA LED Lampheads

    SPECTRA LED lampheads output an impressive 20,000 lumens of super bright white light making it the brightest LED scene light available.The advanced lens design generates a uniform flood and spot combination light pattern. This light pattern provides enhanced work area visibility as well as illuminates objects at a farther distance.

  • EVOLUTION LED Lampheads

    EVOLUTION low profile LED lampheads generate more than 15,000 lumens of ultra bright white light. The LED light output is instant-on at full intensity and provides immediate restarts with no warm-up time required.The EVOLUTION long life LEDs are highly rugged and allow for low maintenance and expense over the operational life. The lampheads unique parabolic reflector projects the light directly onto the action area and also illuminates the immediate working area around the vehicle.

  • FIREFLY Surface Mount LED Compartment Light

    FIREFLY brings ultra bright white LED light to all compartments that exceeds other fixtures. The LEDs are housed in a waterproof anodized case, built tough for all environments. FIREFLY is easy to install because it can be mounted in any orientation and on any flat surface.

  • OPTIMUM Lampheads

    The Optimum lamphead can be ordered without an FRC mount. It has an adjustable mounting arm that allows the lamphead to pivot up and down. The arm has 3/4" NPT threads for installing the lamphead onto a lighting fixture. The three wires for power extend out the bottom of the mounting arm.

Fire Research Corp. (FRC) has been manufacturing products specifically designed for the Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Service Industry for over three decades. Safety equipment, controls, instrumentation and displays, scene lights, and station accessories are shipped to truck builders, dealers, and fire departments throughout the world. Whether it is used at the scene during operations, for training, or in the station house, each product is specifically designed to promote a safer working environment.

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