Hale Class 1 Pumps

  • The Fyr Port

    The Fyr Port series portable pumps arespecially designed for applications involving high pressure. Standard features include brass piston type hand primer, recoil starting, and an 8-horsepower two-cycle engine which offers high horsepower in a small package. Two different mounting options are available — skid(20FP-C8SK) or wraparound frame (20FP-C8FR). The complete pumping unit weighs in at a mere 50 pounds — ideal for one-man portability.

  • The Fyr Pak

    The Fyr Pak is a lightweight portable centrifugal pump mounted on a padded adjustable backpack frame. Weighing only 34 pounds, the Fyr Pak can pump water from draft, relay, or hydrant. It can go where a fire engine can't reach. It will deliver discharge pressures up to 220 PSI and flows to 75 GPM from draft. The Fyr Pak includes an automatic recoil starter, a spark resisting muffler, an engine overspeed control switch, a priming pump, and a priming valve.

  • Portable Pro

    Portable Pro Kits are designed to provide the professional fire-rescue vehicle manufacturer with an advanced method of configuring, ordering and installing Hale/Class 1's state-of-the-art fire pump systems.Hale/Class 1 Pro-Kits are available in 2 kit sizes the - HPX and HPXB 200/300 and the HPX & HPXB 75/100 pump with either the Briggs and Stratton 18HP or Honda 20HP engines.The entire system is pre-engineered utilizing advanced CAD systems that allow for a simple, clean, cost effective and repeatable design. Modularized plumbing allows easy replacement of parts and accessories. Available with gas or diesel engines.

  • HP200 Series

    The HP200 Series is a medium pressure, medium volume portable pump. The pump body and head are coupled together with a stainless steel bank clamp which allows for quick pump removal for servicing. HP200 Series Briggs and Stratton units meet ISO Class 9 Performance ratings.

Class 1 is now part of the Fire Suppression Group of Hale Products Inc. The Fire Suppression Group is made up Class 1, Hale Pumps and Godiva. Our main focus covers products dealing with fire suppression. In doing this we have been able to focus the combined strength of these companies to provide a higher degree of service and innovation that would not have been possible if the companies were working independently. Class 1 takes great pride in delivering unmatched customer service on a daily basis. We work closely with our customers to design and deliver the products they need on time, every time.

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