Hannay Reels

  • Booster Hose

    Ideal for quick first-attack for small fires and crash situations, while larger volume hoses are being set up. Direct (live) hook-up provides instant water flow no matter what length of hose is needed.

  • Dual Agent/Foam

    The dependable, dual internal design of our reels provides for controlled dispensing of foam chemicals.

  • Flat Hose

    Our reels hold up to 70% percent more hose than hard hose, in far less space than cross lay or Mattydale. Since drain and rewind is a one-man operation, you’ll save time and manpower and get your unit back in service quicker.

  • Rescue

    Fast, efficient payout for hydraulic and pneumatic power tools, electric cable, and breathing air applications.

Nevada Pacific Inc. is a authorized dealer of Hannay Reels...

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