Scotty Firefighting

  • 4071 Foam Eductor/Mixer

    The 4071 Foam Eductor/Mixer is a simple "A-the-P" unit to educt foam concentrateinto hose lines. It is mounted between the discharge and suction side of a pump. For use on portable forestry pumps or fitted permanently to skid units, the 4071is a simple and effective way for fire departments to add a foam capability to their equipment.The unit is adjustable, permitting various foam ratio percentages to be educted depending on the nozzles being used. A 4071 includes the eductor, pressure hose and pick-up hose. A 4071KIT includes the eductor, pressure hose, pick-up hose and two connecting tees; a 1 1/2" and a 2" size with NPSH threads.

  • 4060 Foam Eductors

    Scotty 4060 Foam Eductors are manufactured in five flow rates; 15, 30, 50, 70 and 95 gpm. They are designed to be matched with Scotty Air Aspirating Nozzles of the same flow rate. The standard eductor is factory set for a fixed 1% eduction ratio. Eductors are available, upon request, for a .5% or 3% eduction ratio.All eductors will generate 30 inches of vacuum at pressures as low as 30 psi, making the Scotty eductors extremely efficient. Mounted as an in-line eductor on a pump the 4060 is restricted to a maximum hose length of 150 feet. With a Back-pack supplying the foam concentrate, the 4060 Eductor can be mounted to the end of a fire hose.To adjust the amount of foam solution to be educted, the 4060 can also be fitted with a 4064 or 4065 Variable Percentage Checkvalve with settings of: OFF, .5%, 1% and 3%. These units must be matched to the flow rate of the eductor.These checkvalves are designed to fit all Scotty 4060 eductors, controlling the percentage of foam concentrate educted.The units have four control positions: Off - .5% - 1% and 3%, allowing for eduction of Class A and B (AFFF) foam concentrates.They can be retrofitted onto Scotty 4060 eductors.

  • 4045A-30 Roll and Foam

    The Scotty 4045A-30, "Roll & Foam", Mobile Foam Attack System is a self-contained unit that can transform any pressurized fire hose, water supply line or stand pipe into a fire fighting, foam generating station. An average person can roll the unit to a pressurized water source near a fire scene even when the tank is filled to capacity with fire fighting foam concentrate (foam concentrate not included). By following the instructions on the top of the tank, the user can deploy, set-up and spray foam in under a minute. The Roll & Foam has a flow rate of 30 gallons per minute and comes with 1.5" NPSH threads.

  • 4075-3 3 gpm Foam Applicator Kit

    The 4075-3 is designed for attachment to a standard 3/4" garden hose, for use in situations where there are water limitations. The 3 gallon (11 Lpm) per minute flow rate permits an economic use of water without sacrificing fire fighting effectiveness. An ideal tool in grassland fire situations. Both the 3 and 8 GPM units will operate with a pressure of 45 PSI or more.

From humble beginnings, Scott Plastics Ltd. has evolved to produce thousands of products under the Scotty Trademark which are sold into the fishing, marine, outdoor and firefighting industries worldwide.The total commitment to quality, fair pricing and unmatched service means our customers everywhere can expect reliability and satisfaction from every product that carries the Scotty name.In this time the Scotty trademark has become recognized to mean one thing - product excellence.

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