thermal cameras

  • Thermal Hawk

    The Thermal Hawk thermal imaging scope is designed for rough and demanding operation. It delivers highperformance DSP imagery in a lightweight rugged stealth-black weather protective case. The ThermalHawk features completely quiet one-button point-and-view operation. Its commercially available, highcapacity lithium rechargeable battery provides long-term operation (~12 hours). The shoulder strap holdsthe Thermal Hawk close to the user’s body when not being used and allows for chase engagementswithout the scope hitting against the user.

  • X-150 Thermal Eye

    The Thermal-Eye X-150 sets the standard for affordable, small lightweight thermal imaging camers. It is poket-sized, rugged and durable. Based on the X200xp, the XP-150 is perfect for public safety, first responder and security operations.

  • X-200 Thermal Eye

    The next generation of the world's smallest dual-use thermal imaging camera, the Thermal-Eye X200xp incorporates the industry's leading imaging technology and offers unmatched value at an affordable price.

  • 250D

    The Thermal-Eye 250D is the most widely produced handheld thermal imaging camera available offering Gold-Standard image quality.

Thermal imaging systems "see" the heat generated by objects including humans and animals. Unlike image intensified systems such as night vision scopes that amplify low levels of visible light such as star light, thermal imaging systems sense thermal energy emitted by objects. This technology allows these systems to "see" in zero light since they "see" heat (infrared energy) rather than light.

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