Turtle Plastics

Turtle Plastics is dedicated to utilizing recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills to create all of their products. They make a full line of cribbing and matting products that are ideal for use in emergency apparatus.

  • Crib Kit

    Crib kits that are made of durable recycled plastic, with convenient easy to grab handles, and interlocking pieces

  • Compartment and Floor Matting

    Ideal for Trucks, stations, and anywhere comfort and stability are important.


When it comes to protecting your personnel and equipment from slips and damage Turtle Tile can provide you the answer. Turtle tile installed inside your compartments will help to stabilize equipment from the harsh environments of emergency responses.

Your personnel can also enjoy the benefits of slip resistant walking surfaces on apparatus or station locations where there is exposure to wet or unstable surfaces.

Why Plastic Cribbing Over Wood?

For years, fire departments, industrial plants, mining and construction have used wood to crib, block, or stabilize equipment, products, vehicles in normal operations and emergency situations. 99% of cribbing used today is wood. Wood is relatively inexpensive but comes with knots, splinters, is absorbent, cracks and splits.

Plastic cribbing has no knots and does not split, crack or splinter. It does not absorb blood, oil, or most chemicals and is slip-resistant. Turtle Plastics are guarantee d for 50 years.

So whether you are using chock blocks to stabilize a vehicle or cribbing to stabilize a train car you can count on the stability of Turtle Plastics when you need them the most.

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